Ella es la primera modelo trans de talla grande


Shay Neary, que hizo historia cuando modeló para Coverstory en Nueva York, en diciembre, ha llegado a Reino Unido con la finalidad de seguir marcando tendencia.

La mujer de 28 años de edad, que vive en Nueva York, modelará tallas grandes para primavera y verano de ropa. Es ya una celebridad en Internet gracias a su propuesta de ser incluida en los catálogos de moda.

Neary fue descubierta a través de la agencia de Transmodel.

«Después de muchas dudas, y recordando que muchos de mis amigos me decían que debería modelar me arriesgué aunque pensaba que no sería aceptada por mi tamaño», dijo en diciembre. Ella busca que no solo las trans sean aceptadas. Pretende romper con los estereotipos de la belleza dentro de la propia comunidad.

She need a man to help with all these bags… Taking applications #bigboldbeautifulyou : @thelordomar

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Personal Truth: My naked body is my favorite outfit. Art museums are one of my guilty pleasures, that this wonderful city possesses. When I get to go, it’s always a confidence boost. I look at statues and paintings of women from time past, and how the men who painted them were too keen to admire them in all their glory. Rubens, being one of favorites of course, he always captured the essence of women my size and stature. The sheer simplicity of the human body, draped in fabric, living life or escaping from death. When I model, I often think of the art I admire. How once upon a time, my body was not only fawned upon, but revered. When I want to lose weight, I will. But this body, as much as it’s shunned or commented upon, whether it be my health or how we shouldn’t promote obesity… is mine. You have no idea of anything other than an image. To be honest, I find my body astoundingly beautiful… I show it, in hopes that women who aren’t comfortable in their own bodies find some form of solace. That one day, they find as much love as I have for my body – in theirs. So that fellow woman realizes that she isn’t alone… The comfort lies within yourself, just choose to admire it. #bopo #bodylove #bodypositivity #girlslikeus #celebratemysize #body4me

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Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on #sashayyourownway

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It’s not black and white… it’s 14 shades of grey #SashayYourOwnWay

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